Best Lockjaw Deck: Unleashing the Power of Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a popular collectible card game that allows players to build powerful decks and engage in strategic battles. One of the most formidable decks in the game is the Lockjaw deck, which combines the strength of Lockjaw, a powerful character card, with synergistic cards and strategies. In this article, we will explore the best Lockjaw deck in Marvel Snap, analyzing its concept, core cards, substitutions, and other ways to build the archetype.

Concept and Strategy

The Lockjaw deck revolves around utilizing Lockjaw’s unique abilities to gain an advantage over opponents. Lockjaw is a versatile character card that excels in both offense and defense. His ability to teleport between locations on the battlefield allows players to surprise their opponents and strategically position themselves for maximum impact.

To maximize the potential of the Lockjaw deck, players should focus on cards that synergize well with Lockjaw’s abilities. For example, Thor is an ideal card to include in the deck, as it provides a 0-cost hammer that grants Thor +6 power each time it is played. This can be cycled through Lockjaw and traded for a better card, amplifying its effect and giving players a significant advantage in battles.

Core Cards

The core cards of the Lockjaw deck are essential for its success. These cards work in harmony with Lockjaw’s abilities and form the backbone of the deck. One such core card is “Teleportation Nexus,” which allows players to teleport Lockjaw to any location on the battlefield . This card is crucial for surprising opponents and gaining positional advantages.

Another core card is “Inhuman Strength,” which enhances Lockjaw’s offensive capabilities. This card grants Lockjaw additional power, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. Combined with Lockjaw’s teleportation abilities, “Inhuman Strength” can catch opponents off guard and turn the tide of battle in the player’s favor.

Core Staples

In addition to the core cards, there are several staple cards that complement the Lockjaw deck. These cards provide additional utility and enhance the overall strategy of the deck. One such staple card is “Dimensional Rift,” which allows players to retrieve cards from their discard pile. This card is particularly useful for retrieving key cards that have been used or discarded earlier in the game.

Another staple card is “Lockjaw’s Loyalty,” which strengthens Lockjaw’s defensive capabilities. This card provides additional health and protection for Lockjaw, making him harder to defeat. By combining “Lockjaw’s Loyalty” with Lockjaw’s teleportation abilities, players can create a formidable defense that is difficult for opponents to penetrate.

Core Cards Substitutions

While the core cards and staples form the foundation of the Lockjaw deck, players can also experiment with substitutions to suit their playstyle and preferences. For example, some players may choose to include “Mystic Barrier,” a card that grants Lockjaw additional protection against magical attacks [2]. This substitution can be particularly effective against opponents who rely heavily on magic-based strategies.

Another substitution option is “Evasive Maneuvers,” a card that allows Lockjaw to dodge incoming attacks . This card can be useful in situations where opponents have powerful offensive cards, as it gives Lockjaw a chance to avoid damage and stay in the battle for longer.

Other Ways to Build the Archetype

While the core Lockjaw deck focuses on utilizing Lockjaw’s abilities to their fullest potential, there are other ways to build the archetype. Some players may choose to emphasize Lockjaw’s offensive capabilities by including cards that enhance his attack power, such as “Fury of the Inhumans” . This approach can be particularly effective against opponents who rely on defensive strategies.

Alternatively, players can build a more defensive-oriented Lockjaw deck by including cards that provide additional protection and healing, such as “Regeneration” . This strategy allows Lockjaw to sustain longer battles and outlast opponents.


The Lockjaw deck in Marvel Snap is a formidable force that combines Lockjaw’s unique abilities with synergistic cards and strategies. By strategically utilizing Lockjaw’s teleportation and offensive capabilities, players can surprise opponents and gain a significant advantage in battles. The core cards, staples, substitutions, and alternative build options provide players with flexibility and the ability to tailor the deck to their playstyle. Whether players choose to focus on offense, defense, or a balanced approach, the Lockjaw deck is a powerful choice that can lead to victory in Marvel Snap.

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