Tech Gifts for Business Travelers: The Ultimate Guide

Business travel can be both exciting and exhausting. While it provides an opportunity to explore new places and meet new people, it can also be a challenge to stay productive and connected while on the go. Fortunately, there are many tech gadgets and accessories that can help make the experience more enjoyable and efficient. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best tech gifts for business travelers.

1. Noise-Canceling Headphones

One of the biggest challenges of traveling is dealing with noise. Whether it’s the sound of the airplane engine or the chatter of fellow passengers, it can be difficult to concentrate or relax. That’s where noise-canceling headphones come in. These headphones use advanced technology to block out external noise, allowing you to focus on your work or enjoy some peace and quiet. Some popular options include Bose QuietComfort and Sony WH-1000XM3.

2. Portable Charger

There’s nothing worse than running out of battery when you need your phone or laptop the most. A portable charger is a must-have for any business traveler. These small devices can provide an extra boost of power when you’re on the go. Look for one with a high capacity and multiple ports so you can charge multiple devices at once. Anker PowerCore and RAVPower are two popular brands.

3. Travel Adapter

If you’re traveling internationally, a travel adapter is essential. These devices allow you to plug your electronics into foreign outlets, ensuring that you can stay connected no matter where you are. Look for one that is compact and lightweight so it doesn’t take up too much space in your luggage. Some popular options include the Ceptics World Travel Adapter and the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter.

4. E-Reader

Reading is a great way to pass the time on long flights or train rides. An e-reader is a convenient way to bring along all your favorite books without taking up too much space in your luggage. Look for one with a long battery life and a glare-free screen for easy reading in any lighting conditions. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and the Kobo Clara HD are two popular options.

5. Smart Luggage

Smart luggage is a relatively new category of travel gear that incorporates technology to make traveling easier and more efficient. Some examples include suitcases with built-in GPS tracking, USB charging ports, and even self-weighing capabilities. While these products can be more expensive than traditional luggage, they can be a worthwhile investment for frequent travelers. Some popular brands include Away, Samsonite, and Bluesmart.

6. Wireless Earbuds

If you prefer a more discreet option than noise-canceling headphones, wireless earbuds are a great alternative. They’re small and lightweight, making them easy to pack and wear. Look for ones with good sound quality and noise isolation so you can enjoy your music or podcasts without distractions. Apple AirPods and Jabra Elite 65t are two popular options.

7. Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Staying connected is crucial for business travelers, but sometimes Wi-Fi can be spotty or slow. A portable Wi-Fi hotspot can provide a reliable and fast internet connection no matter where you are. Look for one with a long battery life and good coverage so you can stay connected for longer periods of time. Skyroam Solis and GlocalMe G4 Pro are two popular options.

8. Bluetooth Keyboard

If you need to do a lot of typing on your phone or tablet, a Bluetooth keyboard can make the process much easier and more comfortable. These keyboards connect wirelessly to your device and provide a full-sized keyboard for faster and more accurate typing. Look for one that is lightweight and portable so you can easily take it with you on the go. The Logitech K380 and the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard are two popular options.

9. Portable Scanner

If you need to scan documents while on the go, a portable scanner can be a lifesaver. These devices are small and lightweight, making them easy to pack in your luggage. Look for one with good resolution and fast scanning speeds so you can get your work done quickly and efficiently. The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i and the Doxie Go SE are two popular options.

10. Smartwatch

A smartwatch can be a great tool for staying organized and connected while on the go. Many models offer features such as email notifications, calendar reminders, and fitness tracking. Look for one with a long battery life and good water resistance if you plan to use it while swimming or showering. The Apple Watch Series 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 are two popular options.


Business travel can be a challenge, but with the right tech gadgets and accessories, it can also be a lot easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for ways to stay productive, entertained, or connected, there’s a tech gift out there that can help. From noise-canceling headphones to smart luggage, these products can make your next business trip a success.

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