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The Captivating World of Sky Children

Sky Children is an enchanting multiplayer adventure game that takes players on a journey through a beautiful and ethereal world. Released exclusively on Apple devices, the game allows players to explore floating islands, solve puzzles, and interact with other players in a seamless and immersive experience. The stunning visuals, serene soundtrack, and intuitive controls make Sky Children a truly captivating game.

One of the key aspects that sets Sky Children apart is its emphasis on social interaction. Players can team up with friends or meet new companions as they navigate the game’s expansive world. The ability to communicate through non-verbal gestures fosters a sense of connection and collaboration among players, creating a unique and memorable experience.

The Significance of Sequoia Capital’s Investment

Sequoia Capital’s investment of $160 million in thatgamecompany is a testament to the studio’s exceptional talent and potential for growth. Sequoia Capital, known for backing successful companies such as Apple, Google, and WhatsApp, recognizes the innovative approach thatgamecompany brings to the gaming industry.

This substantial investment will undoubtedly provide thatgamecompany with the resources needed to expand their team, enhance their technological capabilities, and develop new projects. It also signifies a vote of confidence in the studio’s vision and their ability to create groundbreaking and emotionally resonant games.

Unlocking New Possibilities

With the infusion of capital, thatgamecompany can now explore new avenues for growth and innovation. The investment will enable the studio to push the boundaries of game design, experiment with new gameplay mechanics, and create even more immersive and emotionally impactful experiences.

Furthermore, the financial backing from Sequoia Capital opens up opportunities for thatgamecompany to explore multi-platform releases, potentially reaching a wider audience beyond Apple devices. This expansion could lead to increased revenue streams and solidify the studio’s position as a leading force in the gaming industry.

Looking Towards the Future

The success of Sky Children and the investment from Sequoia Capital have positioned thatgamecompany for an exciting future. The studio’s commitment to creating games that evoke deep emotions and foster meaningful connections resonates with players worldwide. With the newfound resources, thatgamecompany can continue to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling and redefine what it means to create a truly immersive gaming experience.

As fans eagerly anticipate the studio’s next project, there is no doubt that thatgamecompany will continue to captivate audiences with their unique blend of artistry and gameplay. The investment from Sequoia Capital serves as a catalyst for further innovation and growth, ensuring that thatgamecompany’s impact on the gaming industry will only continue to expand.


thatgamecompany’s Sky Children has captured the hearts of players with its enchanting world and emphasis on social interaction. The $160 million investment from Sequoia Capital further solidifies the studio’s position as a leading force in the gaming industry. With this significant financial backing, thatgamecompany can unlock new possibilities, explore new platforms, and continue to create emotionally resonant experiences. As fans eagerly await their next project, it is clear that thatgamecompany’s future is bright, promising even more groundbreaking games that push the boundaries of interactive storytelling.

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