Zynga’s Acquisition of Chartboost: A Strategic Move to Expand its User Base

1. Expanding User Base: A Key Driver for Acquisition

Zynga’s decision to acquire Chartboost is primarily driven by the desire to expand its user base. With over 700 million MAUs, Chartboost brings a substantial number of potential new players to Zynga’s games. This influx of users not only increases the reach of Zynga’s titles but also presents an opportunity to cross-promote its existing games to Chartboost’s user base. By leveraging Chartboost’s extensive network, Zynga can tap into new markets and demographics, thereby diversifying its user base and reducing its reliance on a single game or genre.

Furthermore, Chartboost’s expertise in mobile advertising and monetization can help Zynga optimize its revenue streams. By integrating Chartboost’s advertising platform into its games, Zynga can generate additional revenue through in-app advertisements. This move aligns with Zynga’s strategy to reduce its dependence on in-app purchases and explore alternative monetization avenues.

2. Strengthening Zynga’s Competitive Position

The acquisition of Chartboost also strengthens Zynga’s competitive position in the mobile gaming market. With the industry becoming increasingly crowded, acquiring Chartboost allows Zynga to differentiate itself from competitors by offering a more comprehensive suite of services. By combining its game development capabilities with Chartboost’s advertising and monetization expertise, Zynga can provide a holistic solution for game developers looking to maximize their reach and revenue.

Moreover, the acquisition enables Zynga to compete more effectively with other industry giants such as Tencent and Supercell. By expanding its user base and enhancing its monetization capabilities, Zynga can better withstand the intense competition in the market and secure a larger share of the mobile gaming industry.

3. Chartboost’s Role in Zynga’s Growth Strategy

Zynga’s acquisition of Chartboost aligns with its broader growth strategy. Over the past few years, Zynga has been actively pursuing acquisitions to fuel its expansion and diversify its portfolio. This strategy aims to reduce Zynga’s reliance on a few key titles and mitigate the risks associated with a single game’s success or failure.

By acquiring Chartboost, Zynga gains access to a vast pool of users and a robust advertising platform, which can be leveraged to promote its existing games and launch new titles. This acquisition not only enhances Zynga’s organic growth potential but also positions the company for further strategic partnerships and collaborations in the future.

4. Potential Challenges and Future Outlook

While the acquisition of Chartboost presents significant opportunities for Zynga, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Integrating two companies with different cultures and systems can be complex and time-consuming. Ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining the quality of services provided by Chartboost will be crucial for Zynga’s success.

Additionally, as the mobile gaming market continues to evolve, Zynga must stay ahead of emerging trends and adapt its strategies accordingly. The company needs to continuously innovate and develop compelling games that resonate with its expanded user base. By leveraging Chartboost’s expertise and insights, Zynga can gain a competitive edge and stay relevant in an ever-changing industry.


Zynga’s acquisition of Chartboost marks a significant milestone in its quest for expansion and diversification. By leveraging Chartboost’s extensive user base and advertising platform, Zynga aims to strengthen its competitive position in the mobile gaming market. This strategic move not only expands Zynga’s reach but also enhances its ability to monetize its games. As the integration progresses, Zynga must navigate potential challenges and adapt to the evolving industry landscape. With the right execution, this acquisition has the potential to propel Zynga to new heights and solidify its position as a key player in the mobile gaming industry.

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